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Nov 20, 2023
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Report: Team, Objectives, Dataset Team: Simeon Videnov (sv295), Noah Li(nl365), Genesis Miranda Soto (gam245) Objectives: Dataset: Findings: Note: Most of the following insights are based on overall total stats by Pokemon which mean Create a Pokedex (i.e. a searchable catalog interface), basic battle simulator (i.e. how one of yo battle), observe the trends between Pokemon types and stats over generations 1-6, and foreca Pokemon is a very popular video game franchise that involves the collecting and battling of var species created between the 1st generation (released in 1996) and the 6th generation (release • The 4th generation of Pokemon on average (both mean and median) have the highest total s • The 7th generation is expected to have, on average (both mean and median), the second hig • On average (mean), Pokemon total stat values are on an increasing trend generation to gene • There are 386 Pokemon (48%) without any secondary type (TYPE 2) at all! • Among the 52% that do have a secondary type, " Normal/Flying" is the most common combi "Bug/Flying." • The most common types (TYPE 1) of Pokemon are Water (14%) , Normal (12%) , Grass (8.75% • On average, Dragon-type Pokemon have the highest total stat points and Bug-type Pokemon • When looking at medians of the overall total stat points, Dragon-types have greatest median • Dragon-Types tend to have a really high st. dev of their overall total stats. Though they can v • The three types with the highest maxes (overall total stats) are: Dragon, Psychic, and Ground • Generations 4, 5, and 6 have 17 types and generation 1 only had 15 , meaning only 2 new typ • Only 8% of all Pokemon are legendary. Out of those 8% , 28% are from Generation 3. Generations 1 and 5 have the highest number of Pokemon in them. • Pokemon with highest attack points: MewtwoMega Mewtwo X (Psychic-Fighting) • Pokemon with highest special attack points: MewtwoMega Mewtwo Y (Psychic) • Pokemon with highest speed points: DeoxysSpeed Forme (Psychic) • Pokemon with highest HP points: Blissey (Normal) • Pokemon with highest defense points: AggronMega Aggron
Requirements: At least two informative Data visualizations At least one Pivot table Statistics table (mean, median, mode, standard deviation) At least two Boolean Logic functions • Pokemon with highest special defense points: Shuckle (Bug-Rock) We have plenty! One can be found on our "Legendary" sheet, where we break down the numb Pokemon, and as a subset of each generation. Legendary pokemon are very rare and very cove on just how rare they are (and in what generations they're the most common) helps Pokemon We used multiple Pivot tables, and an example can be found on our "Stats" page. The pivot ta focused way and display the sta breakdowns by type efficiently. This also enables users of our fit. This can be found on our "Stats" table. We chose to break down the information by Pokemon Pokemon's identity, strategy, and overall "grouping" that most Pokemon players care about. Th looking to build a team, and our stats table makes it easy to see trends between different Poke At least one each of SUMIF and AVERAGIF and other Nested if functions We have an example of SUMIF on the "Battle Simulator" sheet (calculating the total stats for ea the"StatsGen7Forecast" sheet (such as in cell P9). We also have nested IF functions in places s SUMIF/AVERAGEIF/Nested IFs helps us control the flow of our data in a clear and conscice way An example of OR and AND can be found on the Battle Simulator, under the "Opponent has a l generation 1?" tables. When battling, knowing if the opponent has a legendary helps you bett competitors use only the "original" Pokemon (i.e. Generation 1), which also helps you craft an boolean functions helps us make this battle simulator more useful for players! At least two different forecasting models in your workbook and presentation. One forcasting model is our Battle Simulation Tool (found on the "Battle Simulator" sheet), and generation of Pokemon (found on the "StatsGen7Forecast" sheet). These tools are very cool, b players craft strategies when playing opponents, and the generation 7 forecasters provides inte franchise. Note: for our Battle Simulator, there are sets of associated Scenarios that make it ea against each other. This, in particular, is useful because it allows users to create multiple team up.
t, Findings, Requirements ns a sum of all stat points (i.e. attack, defense, etc.) our Pokemon teams will fare against an opponent's team in a ast the stats for a 7th generation of Pokemon. rious species of imaginary monsters. Our dataset is a catalog of all the Pokemon ed in 2013). Our source: https://www.kaggle.com/abcsds/pokemon. stat values. ghest total stat values. eration, while speed is on a decreasing trend. ination, followed by "Grass/Poison" and %) , and Bug (8.63%) . n have the lowest total stat points. n and Bug-types have the lowest m very powerful, they can also be a gamble! d pes have been added between then and now
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