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STATS 250 F23 - Exam 1 October 11 th -12 th , 2023 Name : (please print) ________________________________________________ UMID : (please print) ________________________________________________ Instructions: 1. Write your name and UMID in the spaces above. 2. Points for each question are indicated in square brackets [ ]. 3. This exam is closed-notes and closed-book. 4. Some questions require that you clearly write your final answer in a designated box. 5. If a question instructs you to "show your work", no credit will be awarded for giving only the final answer without correct supporting work. 6. No calculators are required , but you are allowed to use one if you would like to. Numerical answers may be expressed as fractions, if you prefer (e.g., an answer of 0.5, 50%, and ½ are equally acceptable). 7. Final answers must be legible and clear. If multiple final answers are given, the worst will be graded. 8. Instructors will not answer any questions about exam content. Answer each question to the best of your ability and show your work. 9. When you are finished with your exam, make sure that your name, and UMID are clearly written on the front page. Walk to the front of the room, submit your exam to the folder associated with your last name, and provide your initials to indicate your attendance today. Statement of Academic Honesty. For this exam , I make the following truthful statements : I have not received, I have not given, nor will I give or receive, any assistance to another student taking this exam , including discussing the exam with students enrolled in the course. I will not plagiarize someone else's work and turn it in as my own. I understand that if I am suspected of academic dishonesty, the incident will be turned over to the Office of the Assistant Dean. I understand that acts of academic dishonesty may be penalized to the full extent allowed by the University of Michigan Student Conduct Code, including receiving a failing grade for the course. I recognize that I am responsible for understanding the provisions of the University of Michigan Student Conduct Code as they relate to this academic exercise. Student Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________
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