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MATH 302
Oct 27, 2023
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Quest i on 1 1 / 1 po i nt Find P( •l . 96 ~ Z ~ 1.96). Roundanswa-to2decima l places, . Answe r: _ 0.95 Hide question 1 feedback fn Excel. •NORM .S.DIST( l.96 .TRUE) NORM .S.DIST(• L96 .TRUE) Quest i on2 0 / 1 po i nt T he l ength of a human pregnancy is normal ly distributed with a trean of 272 days with a standard dcvia: i on of 9 days (Bh at & Kus hta,gi. 2006 ). H ow many days woo ld a pregruncy last to r the s ho rtest 20?6? Round ansv..-c r to 2 decimal places. Answer: 264.44 t:::t ncorrect Response (2 64 .43) Hide question 2 feedback t nExcc l. •NORM .I NV(0 .2.272.9) Question3 0 / 1 po i nt T he size of fi sh is. vay import.ant to commercial fishi ng . A study co nducted in 2012 fou nd the l ength ct Atlam ic c od caught in ncts in Kat l skTona to ha \tl? a mean of 49.9 cm and a standard dev i ation of 3.74 cm (Ovcgard, Bern dt & Luoocryd. 2 012 ~ Assume the l ength ot fish is no rmally dist ribut ed . What is the kngt h in cm ot t he l on gest 15 % of Atlant ic cod in this area? Round answu to 2 deci mal pbccs. A ns wer: 56 . 38 !;; Inc or rect Response {53.78) Hide question 3 feedback loogest 15% is the u pper 85 %. 1 .15 = . 85 f nE>cce l, •NORM .INV(O.SS.49.9.3. 74)
Question4 Jl 0.0 02 o. , 0.6 StiT-Pi) Y8arl v" (!) N onwl l )m .o!Wa uM Ci l' f!tlo>l'l n U 1< 1nllliPM ( 1 l!t1<fom1 U1~ mll u uo n c, i\i fffl Ui::v.N l >1 ,1 n~ nM Question 5 0.8 10 A popu l ation has the di str i bution given by the foUowing histogram wi th a mean of 0.6 and standard dev iati on of 0.2 . 00 02 o, 0.6 oe ,.o Seled the expected distributi on of mean for sa mples of si ze 4S sclccted from the above population. !; ;c orr ect Answer 0 1 / 1 point 0 / 1 poi nt
Question6 1 / 1 point Suppose that the longe\lityot a li ght bulb is exponentia l with a mean lifcl:ime of eight years . Flf'ld the probability that a li ght bulb Lasts l ess than one yea r. -' (!) 0.1175 o o.1859 0 9.6318 Q 0.3034 Q 0.3682 Hide question 6 iccdback ln Exe.cl. •EXPON.DIST(l .1/8.TRUE) Question 7 0 / 1 point The avaage lif etime of a set of tires is three years . The manufacturer wil replace any set of tires failing ll'lithin two years of the date of purchase. The li fet ime of these tires is knoll'KI to follow an exponentia l distribution. What is the probability that the ti res will tail witl"in two years of the date of purchase? o o. 8647 0 0. 2212 C' ..corrca Mswet O 0.4866 C: 1nrorred Response (~ · 9997 Hide question 7 feedback P(x < 2J ln Exe.cl. •EXPON.DIST(2.l/3.TRUE) Questions 0/ 1 point The caller times at a rostomcr setVi cc cent.er has an exponent ial distribution with an average of 10 seconds. Find the probab ili ty that a random ly selected call time wiU be less than 25 seconds? (Round to 4 d«:imal placcs.) Anw.u : o. n69 !;: 1ncorted Response (0 . 9179 • . 9179 ) Hkle question 8 feedback P(x< 25 ) fn Excd. •EXPON.DIST(25.l/10.TRUE)
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