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Question 1/ 1/ 1point The average credit card debt for college seniors is $16,601 with a standard deviation of $4100. What is the probability that a sample of 35 seniors owes a mean of more than $18,000? Round answer to 4 decimal places. Answer: .0218 v w Hide question 17 feedback New SD = 4100/SQRT(35) P(x > 18000), using Excel =1-NORM.DIST(18000,16601,693.0265,TRUE) Question 18 0/ 1 point The time a student sleeps per night has a distribution with mean 5.9 hours and a standard deviation of 0.4 hours. Find the probability that average sleeping time for a randomly selected sample of 48 students is more than 6 hours per night. Answer: (round to 4 decimal places) .0384 % (0.0416,.0416)
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