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Sep 29, 2023
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54 assumptions of homogeneity of the variance were confirmed, and there is no evidence of homoscedasticity guided by the results of the study cited in the cited text (Miles et al., 2010). 4.5.4 Multicollinearity Test Table 4.11: Multicollinearity Tests Collinearity Test Variable Statistic Df VIF Financial Information Reporting 0.775 64 1.640 Audit laws and regulations compliance 0.594 64 2.006 Adherence to accounting measures 0.804 64 1.974 Oversight Audit Board 0.716 64 3.421 Source: Research Data (2022) Table 4.12 shows that no variable in the dataset could be considered to be susceptible to multilinearity due to each individual variable having a VIF below 10. Cooper and Schindler (2011) note that a variable integral function (VIF) greater than 10 is interpreted as a multicollinearity problem that can influence the outcome of the study. 4.6 Inferential Statistics Results 4.6.1 Correlation Analysis Correlation analysis was carried out to quantify the association between the independent and dependent variables. The findings are presented in Table 4.12.
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