88 Table 3.5: Summary of statistical data Objectives No. IV DV Stat. test 1 Self-efficacy Career decision -Spearman's correlation -MLR 2 Academic self-concept Career decision -Spearman's correlation -MLR 3 Peer pressure Career decision -Spearman's correlation - MLR 4 Self-efficacy Academic self-concept Peer Career decision -Spearman's r s 5 Peer pressure Self-efficacy Academic self-concept Career decision -Hierarchical Multiple Regression Source: Field data 2016 . Qualitative data was summarized into themes and reported using verbatim reports.Data from documents analyzed gave the true picture of the state of affairs in career and guidance activities hence were used to triangulate information. Items numbered 7 and 8 in appendix III part B were analyzed as follows; for item number 7, John Holland career code was applied to collapse various careers stated by respondents into categorized Holland's career classification for purpose of uniformity in interpretation. For item number 8 the reasons motivating career choice were collapsed into four categories operationalized as; to meet family expectation, serve mankind, make me happy and grow professionally. 3.10Ethical Considerations of the Study The ethical issues addressed in this study included a written consent from the principals and participants of schools selected for the study (see Appendices I and II). Prior to administration
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