Murdoch Examinations - N UNIVERSTTY SEMESTER 2, 2019 MAS223 Applied Statistics Exam Type : CLOSED BOOK EXAM - Theory Exam Duration: 3 hrs + 10 mins reading time (No note taking allowed) STUDENT DETAILS Surname: | Given Name: Student No: Signature: INSTRUCTIONS Answer all questions in the space provided. If additional space is required, make use of the extra pages at the end of the exam. EXAMINATION AIDS ALLOWED Provided by the University NIL Provided by the Candidate 2 A4 SHEETS (BOTH SIDES) HANDWRITTEN OR TYPED NOTES CALCULATOR LEVEL 2 - SCIENTIFIC EXAM PAPER MUST BE RETURNED TO EXAMS OFFICE AFTER EXAM
MAS223 Applied Statistics Final Exam - Second Semester, 2019 1. (15 marks) A survey of graduate students enrolled in a large American university recorded the student's expected salary after graduation, as well as their age, field of study and GPA. Figure 1 shows a graphical display for these expected salaries. Histogram of Expected Salary 10 Frequency | F | [ I I I 50 100 150 200 250 300 Expected Salary Figure 1: Histogram of expected salaries. Additionally, the mean expected salary was calculated to be $82,900 while the median was $70,000. (a) Comment on why the median is lower than the mean in this case, and why this is not surprising. (2 marks)
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