Lab 1

STA 2023 - Lab #1 1. Classify each variable as qualitative or quantitative. a. Nation of origin b. Number of siblings c. Grams of carbohydrates in a doughnut d. Assessed value of a house e. Student ID number 2. Classify each variable as discrete or continuous. a. Goals scored in a season by a soccer player b. Volume of water lost each day through a leaky faucet c. Length (in minutes) of a country song d. Number of Sequoia trees in a randomly select acre of Yosemite National Park e. Air pressure in pounds per square inch in an automobile tire 3. An experiment was conducted in which two fair dice were thrown 100 times. The sum of the pips showing on the dice was then recorded. The following frequency histogram gives the results. a. What was the most frequent outcome of the experiment? b. What was the least frequent outcome of the experiment? c. How many times was a 7 observed? d. How many more 5's were observed than 4's e. Describe the shape of the distribution.
4. Describe the shape of each histogram. a. b. c. d.
5. A researcher with A. C. Nielsen wanted to determine the number of televisions in households. He conducts a survey of 40 randomly selected households and obtains the following data. a. Construct a properly labeled discrete histogram of the data. b. Describe the shape of the distribution. Refer to attached png file for histogram. The shape of the distribution is right skewed.
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