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Yellow highlights mark locations referred to in boxes. Version 1.02 9/28/2015 Version 1.03 2/10/2016 Added explanation for using F4 button in absolute refer In this tutorial, information is presented in blue boxes. An Excel file usually consists of multiple pages (called Worksheets ) that can be accessed by clicking on tabs that appear at the bottom of the window. Instructions are in purple boxes. Click on the worksheet tabs from left to right to follow the tutorials on each page. Exercises are presented in red boxes. You can also use Excel's built-in help function by pressing F1. Depending on the Excel version and configuration, this may require an internet connection . This tutorial was developed in Excel 2010. Not all features and functions may work the same way in earlier or Mac versions of Excel.
Plant Number Height (cm) 1 7.5 2 10.1 3 8.3 4 9.8 5 5.7 6 10.3 7 9.2 Range = 8 8.7 Max 10.3 Min 5.7 Range 4.6 Range 4.6 The range of the data is calculated in B13 by subtracting the minimum value in B12 from the maximum value in B11. Calculate the range of Time data (in column K) with a single formula in cell H8. The formulae to calculate the range can be combined into one. Check the formula in B15.
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