Evaluating Data Sets V6

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Sep 1, 2023
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Name: ______________________________ Evaluating Data Sets Take the attached data set and answer the following questions about your data set. 1. Which data set do you pick? __________________________________________________ 2. Enter the data into the calculator and run 1-Var Stats . Jot down the information you find from the calculator. (Round to two decimal places for any values that have decimal results) a. Mean ( ´ x ¿ = _____________ b. Sample size (n) = _____________ c. Minimum value = _____________ d. Median = _____________ e. Maximum value = _____________ 3. Graph your data set as a dot plot here: This must be done by hand, not by computer. Make a number line (must stretch from minimum to maximum values) Mark a regular interval (count by 5? Count by 10? MARK IT!) Then make a dot for each data value ABOVE the line o Repeated values = dots will stack above each other 4. Graph your data set as a SPLIT STEM (this means there are TWO rows for each stem) - stem and leaf plot here. If you are unsure of what this looks like - reach out to your professor, look in our notes, check out the problems in the MyStatLab homework. STEM LEAVES
5. If you had to describe your data set's shape , would you say it is...? (Circle one) Look at stem/leaf plot sideways to help you determine shape! Put the stems along the bottom, leaves going "up" like a bar graph - then determine the shape. Symmetric Left Skewed Right Skewed 6. Based on its shape , which center value should we refer to...? (Circle one) Check the powerpoint notes! If your shape is symmetric we would prefer one of these for the center, but if you shape is skewed then we will use a different one for center. Mean Median
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