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To perform a test of the null and alternative hypotheses shown below, random samples were selected from the two normally distributed populations with equal variances. The data are shown below. Test the null hypothesis using an alpha level equal to 0.05. Ho: = pp =0 Sample from Population 1 Sample from Population2 © Hoo =1 %0 39 44 27 34 38 | 45 51 36 47 41 A BT H2 34 29 37 42 37 |35 41 47 49 42 Determine the rejection region for the test statistic t. Select the correct choice below and fill in the answer box(es) to complete your choice. (Round to four decimal places as needed.) t< -2.1009 ort> 2.1009 t< t> Calculate the value of the test statistic. t= -3.069 (Round to four decimal places as needed.) A Since the test statistic is in the rejection region, the null hypothesis. There is sufficient evidence to conclude that the two population means are different. reject
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