Chapter 2 In-Class Exercises part 1 solution q1-q4

Stat 380: Chapter 2 In-Class Exercises Summer 2023 _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Experiment: A coin is flipped three times. a. Determine S . S ={ HHH ,HHT ,HTH ,HTT ,THH ,THT ,TTH ,TTT } b. Write out all the outcomes in A , the event that "the majority of the flips are heads." S ={ HHH ,HHT ,HTH ,THH } 2. Experiment: A six-sided die is rolled twice. a. Define the sample space, S . HINT: Use a table! b. Consider the event A = "the sum the outcomes is 7." Circle the outcomes in the event. 3. A coin is tossed until the first head is observed. a. Define the sample space S . S = \{H, TH, TTH, TTTH, ...\} b. List the outcomes in the event A ¿ "A head was observed in an even number of tosses" A = {TH, TTTH, TTTTTH, ...} 1
Stat 380: Chapter 2 In-Class Exercises Summer 2023 _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. You select three children at random and record their favorite flavor of ice-cream (vanilla/ strawberry). For example: 1 st child - vanilla , 2 nd child - vanilla and the 3 rd child - strawberry. a. Write the sample space S . S ={ VVV ,VVS ,VSV ,VSS ,SVV , SVS,SSV ,SSS } b. How many outcomes are possible in the sample space S? 8 possible outcomes c. Give examples of 2 possible events. A ¿ One child likes vanilla ice-cream B ¿ Atleast two children likes strawberry ice-cream 2
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