MurdOCh Examinations - '__ UNIVERSITY SEMESTER 2, 2018 MAS223 Applied Statistics Exam Type: CLOSED BOOK EXAM - Theory Exam Duration: 3 hrs + 10 mins reading time (No note taking allowed) STUDENT DETAILS Surname: Given Name: Student No: Signature: NSTRUCTIONS Answer all questions in the space provided. If additional space is required, make use of the extra pages at the end of the exam. ' EXAMINATION AIDS ALLOWED Provided by the University NIL Provided by the Candidate 2 A4 SHEETS (BOTH SIDES) HANDWRITTEN OR TYPED NOTES CALCULATOR LEVEL 4 - ANY TYPE EXAM PAPER MUST BE RETURNED TO EXAMS OFFICE AFTER EXAM
MAS223 Applied Statistics Final Exam - Second Semester, 2018 1. (15 marks) Consider the prices of properties in Melbourne from January 2016 to September 2017, as reported by Domain. Table 1 provides descriptive statistics and Figure 1 shows graphical displays for these property prices. Statistic Value @1 (i.e., first quartile) 633,000 X 1,056,697 X 880,000 Qs (i.e., third quartile) 1,302,000 Range(X) 8,915,000 MAD(X) 458,560 52 412,063.426,191 S 641,022 IQR 669,000 Table 1: Descriptive statistics for property prices (in AUD) in Melbourne. Histogram and Denslty Piot of Property Prices . Boxplot of Property Prices @ o b=t T~ o -4 s =) T O o 8e+06 1 oD O O [==] Ge+08 ] Density Price {in AUD) 4e+06 1 2e+06 ] Ce+00 Il T T T T 1 Qe+00 2e+06 48406 6e+08 8e+06 Price {in AUD) Figure 1: Histogram with overlaid density plot (left) and boxplot (right) of Melbourne property prices.
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