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Mar 19, 2023
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Midterm Setup Midterm date: Thursday, February 23 at 4:00 pm EST I will start the zoom meeting 15 minutes earlier - at 3:45 pm EST. You need to log in to zoom before starting the midterm, I will take attendance, starting at 4:00 pm sharp. Midterm has a password; you need to be present to start the midterm. Password will be available for the first 15 minutes of the class. You will not be able to start the midterm after 4:15 pm. If you are late, a mark of zero will be issued unless you have valid proof for late attendance. Midterm covers all material up until week 7. Midterm won't be locked down. You may have a letter size study sheet with any information from the course on both sides of the sheet, during the midterm. You are not allowed to go back to previous questions during the midterm. Only one attempt is allowed. Exam time is 110 minutes. Questions will be multiple choice, multi select, matching questions, short answers. You need a calculator to do basic calculations and Minitab to perform Measurement System Analysis. Midterm questions are pulled from a question library, so each student will have different questions. I will stay online to help with any questions you may have during the midterm.
Midterm Rules I will ask you to put your cameras on during attendance and during the exam. Communication between students is not permitted. You will receive a warning once if you attempt to communicate with fellow exam/test takers. Subsequently you will be asked to submit your test and marked only to the point to which it has been completed. Failure to follow examination/test rules or instructions will result in immediate confiscation of the test or exam and a grade of zero may be assigned to the exam/test. The candidate may be subject to further disciplinary action as per Conestoga College academic integrity policy.
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