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MATH 126
Nov 6, 2023
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3-6 Additional Analyzing Unas of fit Describe the type of correlation indicated by neck maroulation cut ficant For each situation described for a given near model is there a conelation? if sa, is there a caveal correlation ? Explain the number of minutes studied for a tell and the final tet grade 5, the attendance at a baseball game and number of runs the home team porn in the game Use the table for Exercises 6 and 7. 12 500 1.500 1200 4530 5.150 6753 7550 8 100 9.535 19.350 6. What is the equation of the line of best fit for the above data? Round the slope and jIntercept to the nearest hundredth, Interpret the dope and y-intercept 7 Use the line of best fit to determine the predicted gross revenue for 2010 and 2018 0. Explain why a pattern in a residual plot can suggest that a linear model may not be a good fit for a set of data.
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