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MT 224
Feb 20, 2023
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Note: Read Each point very carefully 1. A team will be consisting of at most 4 members in which at least one member will be of CS major, and one is of SE major. 2. Chose a name for the group (same can be used for your application) and choose a leader of the team. 3. Submit your team details in 2-3 days. 4. Select a large real-world dataset for your work. 5. Make a desktop/mobile application using any programing language that intake the data, apply statistical methods and provide results. (The portion of Statistical Results should be done in Python or R language). 6. Data can be editable. At any stage, we can add or delete any values in the data set. 7. Statistical analysis should be consisted of, Graphical and tabular data representation, Descriptive Statistical analysis, Probability distributions. Finally, modeling and Predictions using Regression Models. 8. Your designed application should be intelligent in doing statistical analysis. The work will be evaluated on following a. How many appropriate statistical tools have been used? b. How attractive and intelligent your application is? 9. Viva of your submitted work can be done at any stage. 10. If your data, code, or application is similar to any other group it causes zero marks. 11. Late submission will not be entertained. 12. If any of your members do not play role in teamwork, the leader will be informed me before submission. If the team leader will not coordinate properly, the majority may change it and inform me before submission. 13. Paste all codes on a word file in fount size 9 and line space 1. Paste screenshots of your application with different features/results on a word file. Finally, your results and recommendation about the data should be detailed pasted on that word file. You will submit both hard and soft files of your project. Soft will be submitted on the Slate portal and hard in my office. 14. The last date of submission is 29 December 2021. Fail to achieve the deadline will cause zero marks for all members of that group.
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