The independent Variable js ¢ What t ienti ; Independent Variable " he scientist changes in te €Xperiment, T There s ; ink of j 4 only one inde endent Variable jn each €Xperiment 5 SR Exercise: i i What js the Independent Variable in your case study? / The dependent variable is what c : hanges or varies wj data/fmdings/results for the expe . th the independent variable, This provides the riment, Exercise: What is the dependent variable? Both the independent and dependent variables are Measured in metric measurements or scientific notation, (For instance, if they involve temperature, it is expressed in °C.) Results/Findings/Data & wh The results of the experiment, called data, are shown visually in either a teble or a graph. This visua ; comparison must have a clear descriptive title which allows anyone to quickly see \.Nhat haphpeged.hGl;:)p s i f your lab exercises will use a line graph. Graphs have ed way of showing results and many o : ine gr : ks pr:ffer)r( or hgrizontal axis, and the Y, or vertical axis. The independent variable is placed on the X axis two axes, the X, ) and the dependent variable on the Y axis. Exercise: For the [al)' below, make a title for your case study and label the a h variables. 8 S y xes with variables ' Y i Ily the - ta," usua . tc can be 'Taw de increases the hese data points & f the experiment if es 0 ht ition data points. Althoug lotted. Repetitio s e) isp d the mean (avjrain lott an jons OLaXE Results are F"s ru the conclus! : nti bove grap the @ : study on validity of t s for your case res - Plotthe Exercise:
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