Week 3 Discussion 1

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Question 1 - HDL levels and Exercise Analysis of Variance results: Responses: HDL Factors: Exercise Level Response statistics by factor Exercise Level n Mean Std. Dev. Std. Error High 90 56.4 18.3081 1.9298432 Low 97 50.505155 13.778095 1.3989536 Medium 113 54.19469 13.866621 1.304462 ANOVA table Source DF SS MS F-Stat P-value Exercise Level 2 1673.4324 836.71621 3.5709029 0.0293 Error 297 69591.564 234.31503 Total 299 71264.997 1.Is the result significant? Yes 2.What hypothesis did you test? The hypothesis under review is that the subjects' HDL levels depend on their level of exercise, with higher exercise levels corresponding to higher HDL levels and lower exercise levels corresponding to lower HDL levels. 3.Did you accept or reject your hypothesis and why? Yes,I accepted it because it is accurate. 4.What is your conclusion here about HDL levels and exercise in this study? Copy and paste your StatCrunch output into your submission document for full credit. The mean of each activity level does not differ much. inevitably, people who exercised at a high level had higher HDL levels, medium exercise level as the next highest. Followed by Low exercise level as ranked lowest.
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