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CRIM 432
Aug 23, 2023
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9:54 .0 LTE (36 1. Describe the purpose of the research. In this particular research | analyzed the percentage of how many men and women cohabitate and how many male or females are married. Also in this research they are talking about ages 21-22 and showing the decline of rate of marriage through 1890 to 2000 years. 2. Summarize the research question(s) and state any hypotheses. Since 1890, most couples that were married and living together with a degree most likely had more of a better chance of getting and staying married than the couples that did not have a A degree or were financially stable. Also most the . Vv ages between 21-22 are more likely to cohabit than marriage. Since the year 2000 most couples started to live with each other without being married or even have the intention to get married. 3. Explain who comprises the sample. Who are the participants? Are there any specific demographic characteristics that they share? The population surgery shared median family income for married-couple and single-parent families. It showed that Asian families are more likely to be married while living together. Also people that come from families that have money are more likely to stay married than no or little income families. 4. Write a sentence describing the method. Did they use a survey or interviews or something elsEr™iTarTaRes up the data and
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