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DO NOT USE THIS AS A TEMPLATE TO SUBMIT ON CANVAS- USE THE FILLABLE PDF Click on "File" and then click "Make A Copy". This will open up a new document for you to edit. Some questions call for screenshots to be inserted. You will need to use the images below and double click to edit the image/space. When finished, take a screenshot (use the snipping tool on windows or press shift, command, and 3 for mac), save the image and then insert it into the correct position on the fillable PDF. If at any point you feel lost or have questions, post in the Q & A forum or send me a message using the Canvas Inbox. Section 1.6 D 1A. 1B.
Section 1.7 A2 and A3. Double click on the graph below to plot the data and draw a trend line. Click on the circle to draw small circles as plot points. Click on the line to draw the trend line. The distribution of the CO2 concentration data shows a linear trend and passive slope that shows the concentration and CO2 have increased over the years. They increase by a sharp slope which means the increase in concentration is very high. B2. Double click on the graph below to plot the data. Click on the square to draw a rectangle similar to the example. The bar graph provides a representation of the average yearly increase in CO2 concentration for various time intervals. Each bar's height reflects the rate of increase during a specific period. This allows for easy comparison of the rate of CO2 concentration growth between different time frames.
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