C Campbell Unit 7 Scholarly Activity

1 Alabama Party Shooting CSU-FIR 2302 Professor Chad Carey Casey Campbell May 4, 2023
2 Summary of The Incident The party shooting occurred at Dadeville, Alabama, on April 15, 2023, at around 10.34 PM. This mass violence left four teenagers dead and other 28 others injured from the bruises caused by the shooter, whose motive was to harm more people than just the reported number (Holpuch & Fahy, 2023). The victims of the shooting had gathered to celebrate a 16 th birthday party of one of their school friends, who was an active fan of the sport they played. Most players turned out to commemorate her effort by giving back a hand as a way to appreciate the support she has always offered them on the pitch (Holpuch & Fahy, 2023). After conducting the investigation for some days, the criminal justice authorities arrested about 6 individuals, mostly teenagers, who were believed to be the major perpetrators and charged them with reckless murder. Reasons for Selecting This Incident The motive behind selecting this incident is relative to the increasing cases of death among children and teenagers, which mostly have been as a result of gun violence. Unlike now, many children and teenagers often die due to other factors, like car accidents, which are a major threat to their well-being (Holpuch & Fahy, 2023). As a first-world nation, gun violence should never be a threat to the existence of the young population. It shows that the criminal justice system is getting weaker in its urge to curb mass violence despite the availability of premium resources. Therefore, writing about the incident is one way of helping spread awareness of the need to minimize violence against children and teenagers and the other general population. Factors That Distinguish This Incident from Other Previously Researched Incidences
3 Unlike this incidence, many other occurrences of mass violence usually occur as a result of adult masterminds who attack the general public for their own known benefits. Again, it is somehow normal for mature adults to own or smuggle weapons, which they usually utilize to terrorize other people with the motive of causing large damage. This incident is unique as it portrays poor control over gun accessibility and ownership. It shows the weakness of the criminal justice system in failing to curb the spread of guns among minors, which is detrimental to the security of the country. Whether The Emergency Responders Followed the Correct Procedure Yes, I believe the emergency responders followed the correct procedure in the aftermath of the shooting. Despite the emergency responders not being able to protect or mitigate the situation, they responded appropriately, which helped prevent further shooting and rescue the injured. Seventeen ambulances were dispatched to the site of the shooting to treat the wounded and transfer serious cases for higher attention and level of care (Holpuch & Fahy, 2023). Further, probing into the incident and conducting appropriate arrests also confirms a good response procedure. Importance of Having Standard Operating Guidelines for Emergency Responders Laying out standard operating guidelines improves the safety and health of emergency responders in such an incident by ensuring that each individual in the team is well equipped with the knowledge about what they are expected to do and the activities of their other team members (NFPA-National Fire Protection Association, 2022). Also, these guidelines ensure that uncertainty is eliminated, which increases the effectiveness of accomplishing tasks. Everyone is guided by the available instructions, hence minimizing the chances of confusion occurrence.
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