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022818 Univariate Data Skills Bingo Name: Saahas Ganesh AP Statistics B Univariate Data Skills Bingo The goal of this assignment is to review the concepts on the BINGO card and think critically about each one. You'll do well on the FRQ section if you recognize these different situations and use the vocabulary correctly in your writing! You do not need to fill out every box. Fill in 5 across or 5 down or 5 diagonally to earn full credit. Outlier 2001 AP Stats FRQ- Question 1 z-score Boxplot Continuous Dotplot Empirical Rule Describe the shape 1998 AP Stats FRQ- Question 1 Variance Unusual Features Standard Normal Distribution Skewed Right Normal Distribution Free Space: Have you signed up to take the official AP exam in May? Not at the moment, but I will Resistant Five-number Summary Median Measure of Center IQR Stemplot 2005 AP Stats FRQ Question 1 Form A Discrete Measure of Spread Uniform Distribution Histogram Skewed Left Bimodal 2019 AP Stats FRQ- Question 1 To fill in a space, you should use the AP central website where you can find many of the past years' free response and multiple choice questions. The exam information page is a good place to look, or do a web search for "AP Statistics Exam". In the box above, write the year followed by the question number. Notice on the exam information page, some questions come from a "form B" test. If using one of these, be sure to write "form B" so your instructor knows. If possible, copy and paste the URLs (links) you use into the assignment comments to help your instructor. You may use a problem for more than one box. For example, you may write "2007 FRQ #1" in at least 3 boxes! Go take a look Good luck and don't forget to yell BINGO! when you get 5 in a row! University of Texas at Austin UT High School 1
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