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I PREVIOUS ANSWERS LARMPMT1 16.2.032. 4/100 Submissions Used MY NOTES l ASK YOUR TEACHER l I PRACTICE ANOTHER 1. [1/1 Points] l DETAILS The dial of a "combination lock" has the numbers 0 through 33. The "combination" to open the lock is actually an ordered sequence of 3 numbers. Each ordered sequence, from your textbook, is called an 'outcome'. How many outcomes are possible for this lock? « outcomes Need Help? 2. [0.9/0.9 Points] l DETAILS l l PREVIOUS ANSWERS LARMPMT1 16.1.020. 1/100 Submissions Used MY NOTES " ASK YOUR TEACHER Conduct your own experiment by rolling a standard die. (a) List the possible outcomes. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) 123456 | (b) Perform the experiment 36 times. Make a table to record your results. outcomes 1,2,3,4,5,6 frequency BASRLORAN2 Score: 0.09 out of 0.09 Comment: (c) Find the experimental probability for each outcome. Probability 3/36, 5/36, 10/36, 4/36, 7/36 2/36| Score: 0.09 out of 0.09 Comment:
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