Week 5 Lab Assignment Name:___Justine Saunders__________ Instructor Name: ___Megan Tesar____________ Please use this template to help answer the questions listed in the lab instructions. The "steps" below refer to the steps listed in the lab instructions. Type your answers and post your screenshots in the spaces given below. Then, save this document with your name and submit it inside the course room. Step 1. Gather Data Your instructors will post 10 data values to use for this lab. The data values represent the HEIGHTS of 10 people. Please reach out to your instructor if you did not receive the assigned 10 data values for the term by Monday of Week 5. ( NOTE: This is NOT the data used in the lab video, which is about midterm grades. Do not use the midterm grades data.) 1a. Gather 10 MORE of your own to add to the 10 provided by your instructor. Do the following: Survey or measure 10 people to find their heights. Determine the mean and standard deviation for the 20 values by using the Week 3 Excel spreadsheet. (Round statistics to two decimals.) Instructor : 60,63,65,66,66,67,70,71,72,73 Student : 60,60,62,62,63,64,67,69,70,74 Mean Height in Inches 66.20 Sample Standard Deviation in inches 4.47 Your Height in Inches 64 inches 1b. Post a screen shot in the space BELOW of the portion of the spreadsheet that helped you determine these values. Please list the 10 heights your professor provided first followed by the 10 heights you collected. There should be 20 values to determine the mean and sample standard deviation. 1
1c. Answer the following two questions (Answer in complete sentences). How does your height compare to the mean (average) height of the 20 values? Is your height taller, shorter, or the same as the mean of the sample? The sample population's height was measured using 20 values, with a mean of 66.20 and standard deviation of 4.47. Given that I am 64 inches tall, I am shorter than the typical person Step 2. Data Characteristics Answer the following questions to give some background information on the group of people you used in your study. Write in complete sentences. 1. How did you choose the participants for your study? What was the sampling method: systematic, convenience, cluster, stratified, simple random? 2
Majority of my participants were chosen from my coworkers in the Emergency Department. The sampling method I chose to use was the simple random approach among my coworkers, smaller group of employees on the night shift chosen at random from the larger total of nurses that work in the Emergency Department. 2. What part of the country did your study take place in? The country is the United States; however my study focuses on an area in NYC, Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. 3. What are the age ranges of your participants? The participants' age ranges were between 26 and 68 years old. 4. How many of each gender did you have in your study? In my study I used seven women and three men. 5. What are other interesting factors about your group? Seven of the women were spread out between four nurses, two residents, one nurse practitioner, the men were ER attendings. The oldest ER attending was 68 and had been in emergency medicine for 45 years. Step 3. Data Analysis Answer the following questions. Use the Week 5 Excel spreadsheets to help analyze the data. Empirical Rule 1. Determine the 68%, 95%, and 99.7% values of the Empirical Rule in terms of the 20 heights in your height study. (Use the Empirical Rule tab from the spreadsheet). 68% fall between 61.73 and 70.67. 95% fall between 57.26 and 75.14. 99.7% fall between 52.79 and 79.61. 2. What do these values tell you? Write complete sentences explaining what the values in the Empirical Rule tell you in context of the data. According to the numbers input into Excel, there is a 68% outcome that the population mean of the heights will lie between 61.73 and 70.67 at the 68% range. At the 95% outcome that the population 3
mean of the heights will lie between 57.26 and 75.14 at the 95% range. Lastly at the 99.7% outcome that the population mean of the heights will lie between 52.79 and 79.61 at the 99.7% range 3. Take a Screenshot of your Empirical Rule Sheet (Week 5 Spreadsheet) and provide it below Normal Distribution 1. Take a Screenshot of your Normal Distribution Sheet and provide it below. 4
2. Based on your study results, what percent of the study participants are shorter than you? What percent are taller? Based on my height of 64 inches means that 33.13% of the population used is shorter than me, 68.87% is taller than me. Step 4. Save and submit this document. Be sure your name is on the Word document, save it, and then submit it. In the assignment module, click "start assignment" and then "upload file" and "submit assignment". 5
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