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EGEN350 Chapter 6 Numerical & Graphical Summaries (Skip Section 6-2) 1
Types of Variables Variable - any characteristic of an individual 1) Categorical Variable - takes on categories Examples: eye color, political party, type of diet Summarize using Counts or Proportions 2) Quantitative Variable - takes on numerical values on which ordinary arithmetic operations (such as averaging) make sense Examples: age, weight, number of pets Summarize using Mean/Median, Standard Deviation/IQR 2
Graphs 3 Categorical Quantitative 1 cat. 2 cat. Bar chart Side-by-side Boxplots Segmented Bar chart Number and Type of Variable(s) 1 quant. 2 quant. Histogram or Boxplot Scatterplot 1 cat. & 1 quant.
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