Previous Problem Problem List . Section 04 Homework: Problem 6 (8 points) Population Density (in millions) and their areas (in square miles). Complete the table by computing the ;:)ag:mzlat'jt 2) The table below shows the populations of several states ace. the states. Express your answers rounded to the tenths pl State Population (million) Area (sq miles) Pop Density{ people per square mile) for each of E; . Indiana 6 36185 D "' lllinois 124 56343 E | ' / _ Ohio 1135 41328 fj | : Michigan 99 58513 B8 " Alaska 0.63 587878 F'] | 7 ple per square mile? Ohio 7 e Ll b) Which state has the largest number of peo r of people per square mile? Alaska v / ; | 2 " ¢) Which state has the smallest numbe to Jive ineMichigan? d) If the area of Michigan remains the same, but had the same population density as Alaska , how many people would we expect ~ fo Express your answer rounded to t D million he nearest tenth of a million. f you haven't answered the question correctly in 3 attempts, you can get a hint. Hint: Py Note: You cgn earn partial credit on this problem. Show; [ Correct Answers ; ; Preview My Answers Check Answers Show me another 5 ; You have attempted this problem 5 times. 1_04_Homework/5/?eff,.A b ' e 3 i ATH123-H1D-D1 -202230/Sectior S edu/webwork2/M 7 Al gm Qe PRS0 6 B L aody 9 s .,.\\-\!-~'1Q~'h" e R TS Sl g ~1.y\'\9\\"'.' A LA ALY S
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