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ENC 1102 Diagnostic Good Bones Summary: In the poem Good Bones by Maggie Smith, she explores that life is short and most of it is living in a morally terrible world. Roughly 50% of it is horrible, and that's a "conservative estimate." She continues on by stating she's trying to keep this horrible world away from her children so she can sell them on how the world could be good. Just like how a realtor is showing you good bones. It is possible to find good in this world if we try. Good Bones Analysis: The Good Bones structure and style can have a big influence on how the message the author is trying to spread is interpreted. Maggie Smith opens up the first line by saying that "Life is short" to show a negative aspect of life. But this style of showing negative thigs about the world is repeated throughout like "for every kind stranger, there is one who would break you." The point the author is trying to make is the world can be an ugly place but if we try hard enough, we can make it a beautiful place. The title Good Bones meaning plays a significant role in the poem. It comes from the fact that if a realtor is showing a client a house that particularly in bad shape and not the best looking, they still try hard enough to sell the client off the beautiful aspects or Good Bones, to show them that the house is actually pretty just like the world. This is why the author is hiding the real world from her kids, because she doesn't want them to have this negative view on the world when in reality it can be a beautiful place if they make it out to be beautiful.
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