Discussion Question 6.1

Discussion Question 6.1 Data may be displayed in a wide variety of forms. Choose several methods of data display discussed in the text and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each. How would you teach students about displaying data? Professor, Examples of data display methods that students can use include bar graphs, circle graphs, charts, line graphs, line plots and tables. Each of these approaches is used to present or transmit data in different ways depending on the type of information being conveyed. Advantages versus Disadvantages: Bar graphs: These charts are used to represent collected data and make it easy to compare different sets of information. They are visually simple when being read, but one disadvantage is that they can only be utilized with certain types of data. Circle graphs are used to display parts of a whole. However, the disadvantage of using a circle graph is that it becomes difficult to compare two sets of data with each other and the collected numerical data may not be accurate. Charts are used to visually compare multiple sets of data, making it easy for people to understand and retain information as an advantage. However, they can often be misleading and confusing if not designed or labeled correctly. This may result in inaccurate data which leads to bias and deformed results. Line graphs are a type of graph that allows us to visually represent clear rates more effectively. However, they can make it difficult to compare data accurately. Line plots have various advantages. One of the major benefits is that these graphs are easier to understand and compare data with, as they can show even small shifts which may be difficult to spot on other types of graphs. However, having too many lines plotted onto a single graph can make it appear cluttered and challenging for readers to decipher accurately. Pictographs: These graphs are great for visualizing weight, but can be challenging when attempting to review data between points. Tables are useful graphs for comparison, as they attract the reader's attention and make it easier to retain information. However, tables have a disadvantage in that they can only be used with continuous data, and comparing two sets of data is difficult due to its grouping into categories which makes reading exact values challenging.
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