- \ Name: V'Q{\J- Q\D Q"Q' O&NW . Date: Period: Score: /23 Chapter 22 Quiz B in 2000, the United Nations claimed that there was a higher rate of illiteracy in men than in women from the country of Qatar. A humanitarian organization went to Qatar to conduct a random sample. The results showed that 45 out of 234 men and 42 out of 251 women were classified as illiterate on the same measurement test. 1. Do the samples above provide evidence that the United Nations' claim was correct—that there was a higher illiteracy rate in men than in women (in Qatar)? Test an appropriate hypothesis and state your conclusion. | s 3 X\ w0 © @) Wot Ro=Rs o B=F, > e IO (= ! o &% £ "P\" Qmfl)w K 9\7?3 0= W 0= SUS [BY=ta s dened Rk B B oo moduen soode & srey warned: e P o~ \% 5 TreGro we boss OF gfuvps &e \W'\m\""u" X conduen L\\\\\bmfi s BF Mren d voded ot 100 et ). saghs e Ly, & QA e 0 Qekecy IS A0 8 A e W QX v A) Y\ 2y (AF) D W0 39-\((.%\) 710 S'V (XD 2\ A2 A TANE 2hx s c»@gfo()f\cs\e_\, P o cbus | ~ Tre Q\yx\'b &K WS €= GWH 2= (\a-\1) -0 A o e k,\ei&, T EHS Pl = L YK T O] (o) | Yo ceger fre N\ gy "3; 3 s A Trese, 1S T €Ol ko SV Peo&;) = AXE&% B ) /: -\N',:T VoS \'\;{zflf '\\\\\e_rbo\ - L0514 I8 Coxe, WO N ) ( 2T 2 8 ; %mz i . 2. Show the appropriate mathematics and calculate a 95% confidence interval for the difference in proportions of illiteracy in men and women from Qatar. Then, interpret your interval. X Comddwns dredued oo A 2 prugottun 7 eel s Pprgrae \ (A8 VB ARG T"M R N (-ows ,(m»\) FM\ a5\ 3 = \e, et AT K cocideOk Rrede W k_fit_" Aswu_ e QT\JQO'&\*"fiS B L e o v o ere Nkt ( e ~\woran) Sl 'etz _ 1S o 0N based oo S coedos £ e o0d o e\ d&rtote WO e ey RS & men cadk Trores 15 O G sy \ j (women ol O Ll N Ve '\n\d\b\\B' \', Lo _ g "N'R <[ &M M)&\q_, %(\]\, d«@c('(!\!}..— 0 "l\\\\fl'b(..\\ %"Q' W CA %'1 M ilmn '-(\A \..\u'"'-fi QQ\\L M_,J_'. Jd
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