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Aug 19, 2023
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RESEARCH LOG ACTIVITY 2 Due: 5 pm, 27 th March 2023 1. Original and Recoded Variable Pivot Tables ORIGINAL RECODED A recoded variable is a new variable that is created by transforming an existing variable into a different format. This transformation can involve changing the values or categories of the variable or combining multiple variables into a single new variable. Recoded variables are often used to simplify data analysis, improve statistical power, and make it easier to interpret the results of a study. 2009CCJ Tri 1 2023
2. Histograms This histogram is approximately normal with a slight negative skew and a Dual peak at the centre. This histogram is approximately normal with a slight positive skew and slightly negative kurtosis with a significant peak at the centre and gradual decline. This histogram is heavily skewed to the left, with the majority of the observations falling within the first few bins and a steep drop-off in frequency thereafter." 2009CCJ Tri 1 2023
3. Summary Statistics Outputs 4. Brief Descriptions Punitiveness Scale The median is the middle value of a dataset when arranged in order in this case it is 4.00 the range is the difference between the maximum and minimum values and in the punitiveness scale it is 5.83 The mean is the arithmetic average of the dataset and in this case is 4.02 and the standard deviation is a measure of the spread or variability of the data around the mean which resulted in it being 1.23 2009CCJ Tri 1 2023
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