2021 bar charts and histograms past HSC Q&A

1. Statistics, STD2 S5 2010 HSC 4 MC ADV: Statistics (Adv), S2 Interpretation and Bivariate Data (Adv) Bar Charts and Histograms (Y12) Teacher: Xiao Chirgwin Exam Equivalent Time: 66 minutes (based on HSC allocation of 1.5 minutes approx. per mark) Questions Which of the following frequency histograms shows data that could be normally distributed? 2. Statistics, STD2 S1 2011 HSC 11 MC The sets of data, and , are displayed in the histograms. Which of these statements is true? (A) has a larger mode and has a larger range. (B) has a larger mode and the ranges are the same. (C) The modes are the same and has a larger range. (D) The modes are the same and the ranges are the same.
3. Statistics, STD2 S1 2013 HSC 15 MC The frequency histogram shows the number of goals scored by a football team in each game in a season. What is the mean number of goals scored per game by this team? (A) 4 (B) 4.5 (C) 5 (D) 5.5 4. Statistics, STD2 S1 2013 HSC 6 MC A survey was conducted where people were asked which of two brands of smartphones they preferred. The results were: 48% preferred Brand X 52% preferred Brand Y A graph displaying the data is to be included in a magazine article. The editor of the magazine wishes to ensure that the graph is not misleading in any way. Which graph should the editor choose to include in the article?
5. Statistics, STD2 S1 2005 HSC 9 MC 6. Statistics, STD2 S1 2020 HSC 7 MC A set of data is represented by the cumulative frequency histogram and ogive. What is the best approximation for the interquartile range for this set of data? (A) 25 (B) 30 (C) 35 (D) 40 Which histogram best represents a dataset that is positively skewed? Frequency A. Score Frequency B. Score Frequency C. Score Frequency D. Score 7. Statistics, STD2 S1 2007 HSC 22 MC A set of examination results is displayed in a cumulative frequency histogram and polygon (ogive). Sanath knows that his examination mark is in the 4th decile. Which of the following could have been Sanath's examination mark? (A) 37 (B) 57 (C) 67 (D) 77
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