Question Completion Stat QUESTION 79 Breaking a bone to repair it and put it into correct alignment is called osteoclasis. ® True ; () False QUESTION 80 ' Narrowing of the trachea is known as tracheostenosis. ® True (O False QUESTION 81 a - Cushing syndrome is a chronic syndrome caused by hyposecretion of the adrenal cortex, characterized by darkening of the skin, loss of appetite, mental depression, an O True @ False QUESTION 82 i A surgical puncture into the chest cavity to aspirate fluid is known as thoracentesis. . True O False QUESTION 83 In the term quadriplegia, the suffix -plegia means am putated. () True ® False QUESTION 84 The patient is scheduled for a rhizotomy or radicotomy to help with chronic pain. The patient should be prepared for an incision into a nerve root. True (O False E { himnit Lk Sauve Il Answers to s Click Save and Submit to save and subnut. ¢ lick Save All An ¢
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