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Aug 15, 2023
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Module Six Worksheet Identification of Methods and Interpretation of Results Prompt : Review Table 1 below and then complete the Module Six Worksheet steps. Note: the chi-square (c 2 ) test is covered in Module Seven. Table 1: Characteristics of Women According to Intake of Alcohol Variable Nondrinker* Drinker* Test Statistic** P value Mean age of mother at birth (years) 28.2 + 4.4 30.1 + 4.4 19.16 <.0001 % of mothers with education > 12 years 71.1% 77.6% 226.9 <.0001 % of mothers who smoked during pregnancy 7.5% 12.0% 100.7 <.0001 Prepregnancy BMI (kg/m 2 ) 23.8 + 4.6 23.7 + 4.3 0.8 0.469 Note: intake of alcohol was during pregnancy except for prepregnancy BMI comparison where drinking status was also prepregnancy. *Continuous variables presented by mean + standard deviation, categorical variables as % ** Test statistic is either a 2 value or a t-value Reference: Dale, M. T. G., Bakketeig, L. S., and Magnus, P. (2016). Alcohol consumption among first-time mothers and the risk preterm birth: A cohort study. Annals of Epidemiology 26, 275-282 Steps : For this assignment, complete the following steps: 1. Complete this worksheet by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. Use Table 1 as your source of information. Use the provided completed cells in the matrix to help you fill in the rest of the cells. 1
Variable 1 Variable 2 Name of Variable 1 (Provide Units or Categories) Quantitative (continuous) or Categorical? Name of Variable 2 (Provide Units or Categories) Quantitative (continuous) or Categorical? Appropriate Statistical Test to use Corresponding Research Question P value [Pregnancy BMI Quantitative (continuous) Drinker type (nondrinker or drinker) Categorical Two-sample independent t-test Is there a relationship between mothers that did or didn't drink alcohol and pregnancy BMI <.0469 TI of mothers with education >12 years categorical Drinker type (non vs drinker) Categorical Chi-Square Test Did the amount of education received vary by mothers who drank and those who did not? <.0001 Pre-pregnant intake of alcohol (drinker vs nondrinker) Categorical Smoked during pregnancy (y/n) categorical Chi-Square Test Did pre- pregnancy alcohol consumption vary between smoking and non-smoking moms <.0001 Mean age of mothers Categorical Age of mother when child is born (years) quantitative (continuous) 2 sample independent t-test What is the mean age of mothers who drink vs not drink at birth <.0001 2. Write out a complete answer to each of the four research questions stated in the matrix. Be sure to state what is being compared and what group or groups did better and by how much. Also, state if the difference was statistically significant or not. a. The test compared the bmi of mothers who drink and do not drink. Research shows that it failed to reject the null hypothesis since the p-value is greater than the level of significance b. The test compared the different of mothers with an education greater than high school that drink and mothers without a high school education that don't consume alcohol. The p-value is <.0001 and is lower than 5ti, so we reject the null hypothesis c. The test that compared the difference between pre-pregnancy alcohol consumption depending on if the mothers smoked or not. For this, the p-value is <.0001 so the null hypothesis is rejected d. The last test compared the mothers mean age regarding who did or did not drink. The p- value for this was <.0001, so the null hypothesis is rejected. 2
3. Were the values of BMI more varied among the women who drank or did not drink prior to getting pregnant? Explain how you know this. a. The values of the BMI between mothers who did and didn't drink prior to becoming pregnant didn't vary. The difference between drinking and non-drinking women was .1 so there's no statistical significance. 4. Upload and submit your completed worksheet assignment. 3
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