3 types of statistics:- 1. Frequency:- no. of observations within the range of scores 2. Central tendency: - measure of central point of a distribution 3. Variability: - scores are dispersed in distribution Normal distribution: - symmetrical distribution Negatively skewed distribution: - curve with extended tail to left Positively skewed distribution: - curve with extended tail to right Central tendency Variability Hypothesis test: -statical method where diff among groups can have occurred due to chance alone. Statical significance: -mean is farther apart than expected Null hypothesis: -diff btwn groups by chance Experimental hypothesis: -diff due to variable 3.1 Behavioural genomics: - study of DNA to see which genes are related to behaviour Behavioural genetics: - study of how genes and environment influence behaviour Longitudinal studies: - studies that follows the same participants for years Heritability: - static expressed from 0 to 1, how genetics is contributed. 0 meaning that genes will have no effect on individual diff. and 1 states genes contribute to 100% individual differences. We cannot make definitive statements about the heritability of depression in Brazil based on the results of a study conducted in Canada why? - This is bcz heritability is affected by 2 things 1. Amount of genetic variability in the groups studied 2. Environment where these 2 groups were exposed Epigenetics: -study of gene expression based on experience Evolutionary species: -how human behaviours based on beneficial functions helped our species develop Hunter-gatherer theory: -diff roles done by males and females over evolution Intrasexual selection:- members of the same sex compete to win the opposite sex Intersexual selection:- one sex selects mating partner based on desirable traits 3.2 Neuron has 2 parts a cell body (aka soma) :- the part containing the nucleus and dendrites :- branches.
Axon transports information from cell body to end of neuron Neurotransmitters:- messengers allowing neurons to communicate
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