Week 5 Assignment Part 1

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HSCI 101
Aug 22, 2023
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Week 5 Assignment 1. My sampling for this experiment was random, I used a random number generator in Excel and after ranking the number the villagers were assigned, I put the first half in the experiment group and the second half in the control group. Based on how I used an un-biased method for the experiment, I can confidently say that I can infer that results can be used to make a conclusion on whether stretching for five minutes reduces pain tolerance. 2. As you can see, the box plots line up well together and there does not appear to be a difference in pain tolerance between the two groups. 3. My experiment had interesting results, the average change in pain tolerance was about the same between the experiment and control group. I would say that based on the mean's it is not a clinically significant finding that stretching for five minutes changes pain tolerance.
4. When I test my data against the null hypothesis, I get a p-value of 0.964 I can say, based on the data that I collected that there is not statistical difference of pain tolerance when an islander stretches for five minutes, I will say that my null hypothesis is true. 5. When I do a confidence interval for a difference in means, I am 95 percent confident that the difference in pain tolerance between the two groups is -14.719 and 15.444. I am confident that my random sample is consistent with the actual sample that I took from the islanders.
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