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PASS STAT1070 - Session 2 (week 3) Welcome back to PASS! - we are looking at week 2 content I hope you have all settled into STAT1070 well and are now accustomed with your blackboard site. Don't forget to keep accessing the 'help is available' tab, as session run daily to help you achieve the best marks in this course! Activities - Descriptive Statistics 1. Descriptive statistics are a way to _____ or ______the overall pattern of the data. 2. Recall what the three S's are 3. Is this image left or right skewed? 4. Both of these graphs are symmetrical, what else can you tell me about them? 5. Explain an outlier and what may cause them
6. Opening the glossary we started last week, add these terms Numerical summaries for centre of location New Terms Definitions Mean Median Mode Numerical summaries for spread New Terms Definitions Range IQR Standard Deviation 7. In what instance would mean and median be the same? 8. Sketch two quick graphs, one skewed left and one skewed right, showing a median and mean line in each.
9. What is the range of this data set 20, 50, 76, 78, 84, 93, 98, 123 10. Recall the four steps to calculate the quartiles 1 2 3 4 11. What is the 5 number summary of this data set (remember: 5 number summary = Minimum, Q1, Median, Q3 and the Maximum) 23, 13, 4, 80, 67, 22, 103, 16 Minimum = Q1= Median= Q3= Maximum= 12. Have a go at creating your own data set and swap with someone to work out their 5 number summary
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