Page 1 of 15 Name:__________________________ Probability Unit ASSIGNMENTS # Assignment Complete/Incomplete Assignment 1: Applications of Probability Assignment 2: Theoretical Probability Assignment 3: Experimental Probability Assignment 4: Compounding Independent Events Assignment 5: Probability and Odds Assignment 6: Expected Value Probability Test:
Page 2 of 15 Assignment #1: Applications of Probability 1. Change the following decimals to percent. .58 .02 .32 .985 2. Change the following percentages to decimal. 100% 2.45% 40% 66.5% 3. Place the following events on a probability scale. a. You will live for 100 years. b. In the first week of November, it will snow at least once in Winnipeg. c. The sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. d. The next baby born in Victoria Hospital will be a girl. e. You will get 80% or higher in this unit. Impossible l---------------------------------------------------------------------l Certain 0 1
Page 3 of 15 4. The probability of winning a particular Lotto 6 / 49 is approximately 1 in 14 000 000. The probability of being hit by lightning once in your lifetime is approximately 1 in 600 000. Are you more likely to win the lottery or be hit by lightning? 5. The probability that a person is left-handed is 1 in 10 people. The city of Winnipeg has a population of approximately 650 000 people. How many people are left-handed in Winnipeg? 6. The probability of twins being born is 1:90. If during one year there were 15 500 births in a particular city, how many of those births would be twins? 7. The weather stations indicates that there is a 30% chance of rain on Tuesday. What is the probability that it will not rain?
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