= N s J (),J.\','\." '/ c) Q.u-slion 13 your answ er is CORRECT. (i Payeiie is larger than the level of significance a, a) * Fail 1o reject Hyg p) Accept Hy F i Question 14 Reject Hy Your answer is C( )JRRECT. The one-sample t statistic for a test of Hp: p =12 vs. Hg: | statistic value of 1 = —1.65. What is the p-value for this test? a) 0.000 PE( M < S n) o Y=l b) 0.358 Qa9 ¢) 0.116 d) 0942 e) * 0.058 Question 15 Your answer is COR RECT. This is a written question, worth 10 points. proctor will fi credit. Problem Code: 1521 A study of iron deficiency in Print Test then the researcher should _ at level a. <12basedonn =19 observations has the test DO NOT place the problem code on the answer sheet. A 1l this out after exam submission. Show all steps (work) on your answer sheet for full infants compared samples of infants whose mothers chose different ways of feeding them. One group gontained breast-fed infants. The children in baby formula without any iron sup months of age: another group were fed a standard plements. Her are summary results on blood hem oglobin levels at 12 P PE(T > -2.93%) [Growp [ n || x - (,:.fm,,,(o):o.q%% I[}rc:}sl-fed [—F"_IS..S [_2_3_:' ' FRRO Thae o ;)J ARV R '\Jf\}\f icvl}')'fi h'-'.l'\.'\ AN A Y |oading [MathJax ) extensions .\l;alh/znm-._j; EmOglObm level is gremcr\" il DR :'gi's\ghya'gg{g"pfi,{;n%%sw"{mln|lcuncc fest on your hypothesis. hitos /Awww.casa uh edu/CourseWare2008/R oot/Paces/CW/U Bers/Student/Grades/PrintTest htm ymong formula-fed babies. State the Report the test statistic and p-value. State Y\ ARSI s e A
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