Week 2 Assignment

Week 2 Assignment To be considered a good quality graph or chart, it must have more of the below elements. First, it must be thoughtful use of colors. Second, there are few distracting elements that undermine the message. Third, labels and legends are highlighted and clear to interpret the data information. The below is an example of good quality graph. It is a small multiples bar chart, which show a series of simple identically structured charts together for people to easy visual scanning. This simplified bar chart design allows the reader to understand the relative values easily without distracting details. Also, the color alignment is making the whole graph easier to read and understand. The specific quantities are not this graph trying to emphasize is the relative comparisons. The input of subjects is easy to understand and read as well.
There are couple elements to be considered a poor quality of graph. One is using the wrong type of chart or graph. There are many types of charts or graphs in our selection when we trying to visualizing our data in hand. However, if we choose the wrong type, the chart or graph will be misleading and confusing. The most important thing we will need to identify is whether the data is qualitative or quantitative. If it is qualitative, it will be better suited to bar graphs and pie charts, while quantitative data is best represented in histograms. The other is including too many variables in graph. The below graph is a poor quality example since it contains way too many variable in it. If a pie chart compares too many variables, we are unlikely to see the real difference and will input too may unnecessary information.
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