& Read aloud -+ [l 2 iofsf o [ | L.'.} LIOUN Dacrs av e llllULlll(.lnl/ll)ll oY vire lJlL. Vious \_'LlUDblUll .LU,' avold violating the needed assumption t mean evaluation greater than 87 oG = telu WU 88 L o) UIIanG ')'\Jl_l WIIm ase oo d(bllll).lll.[ = = the probability of getting o 0 use the central limit theorem. What is 9.) Let X be a random variable that tells us the total value of rolled dice (dice means two). Then the B(Z is: 10.) Suppose we throw 2 dlIC Given that the sum of the came up as a 67 dice is 10, what is the probability that one ;' 11.) Using a sample to compute a __________ as a proxy for a par estimation and is a form of statistic ameter is generally called poi al inference, ' 12.) Consider rolling a die then M (Hint: A die has 6 sides). 13.) "El Frijol Oaxaqueno" brand be 23 grams per can with g stand for fiber content. If the beans are coarse and have an unple small intestine. On the othe from substandard beans and graded as grade A. a.) You need to satisfy three assumptions in order to use the CLT to calculate the probability of being labeled grade B. What are those thr e assumptions (do not say the sample is unbiased)? b.) For one of the assumptions provide a plausible story th violated. c.) What is the probability the FDA's sample will result d.) What is the probability the FDA will give you a rating of grade A? e.) If the FDA changes its procedure and now bases its analysis on you more likely or less likely to doomed by a "Grade B" rating? Hint: need to. ans have a fiber content that is normally distributed with a mean o ard deviation of 8 grams. The FDA will randomly draw 8 cans and test them contain more than 92 asant mouth-feel, & A i are considered to be made n 17 and 29 grams they are at would suggest one of the assumptions has been in your beans being labeled as grade B? a sample of 80 cans instead of 8. Are you can compute, but You shouldn't f.) Suppose you're hopeful of hitting 24 and 29, you can label the beans as decreased risk of colon cancer. Intestinal Health"? a marketing sweet g "Promoting Intestin How likely are you to be pot. If your beans have al Health" since high fib able to adorn your beans a mean level of fiber between er diets are associated with a with the moniker "Promoting 14)) What is the skew of the following data set X [4,5,5,6]?
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