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This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR 4 Solve break-even point problems. CLR 4 Calculate the effects on business profits of various scenarios of changing prices, co This will involve applying the concepts found in the text to the situation in each question. The objective of this assignment is to permit you use breakeven analysis and calculate the ef Your assignment grade and the marked file will be available for your review within a week th Upload your assignment via the Gradebook. Each question can be found on its own tab. Complete all work and show all calculations on that worksheet as marks are awarded for the NOTE: Include your name in the name of the file submitted. Failure to do this will result in a 2 Similar questions can be found in CONNECT. Objective of this Assignment: Instructions: This assignment should be completed using this Excel document. Assignments need to be submitted on or before the due date specified by the Course Calend This assignment is worth 8 % of your final grade. There are a total of 42 marks.
osts, and volumes ffects on profits under different scenarios hrough the Gradebook once it has been marked. calculations. mark reduction. dar in the Course Documents section for assignment due dates.
Question 1 Paxton Corp has provided the following data concerning its oper Sales $400,000 250,000 Fixed expenses 100,000 Paxton Corp is a retailing organization. Part A 400000-250000= 150000 150000/400000= 37.5% Part B fixed expenses / CM ratio 100000/0.375= $266,667 Part C 150000/50000 = 3 Variable expenses Calculate the contribution margin ratio for Paxton Co. (2 marks) Calculate the break-even sales in dollars for Paxton Co.(round yo Calculate the operating leverage for Paxton Co.
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