Lecture 04# (5)

Q u a l i t y C o n t r o l Introduction -1 Quality Control MANE 4045 Instructor: Dr . Dogan Erdemir Room: CERL 104 d [email protected]
Q u a l i t y C o n t r o l Lecture 3 : DMAIC Lecture 4 -2 With many figures and models from Statistical Quality Control , Douglas C. Montgomery Lecture 4: Statistical Methods Useful in Quality Control and Improvement Describing Variation Important Discrete Distributions
Q u a l i t y C o n t r o l The Stem-and-Leaf Plot No two units of product produced by a process are identical. Some variation is inevitable. Statistics is the science of analyzing data and drawing conclusions, taking variation in the data into account. There are several graphical methods that are very useful for summarizing and presenting data. One of the most useful graphical techniques is the stem- and-leaf display . Introduction -3
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