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HPS 207
Aug 9, 2023
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Tutorial 11: Exam Revision
Exam Details 25 multiple choice questions (30 for HPS781) 5 topics (6 for HPS781); each topic has 5 questions 1. Methodology (Weeks 1 and 8); 2. Relationships and Prediction (Weeks 2 and 3); 3. Simple ANOVA and follow-up tests (Weeks 4 and 5); 4. Factorial and Repeated Measures ANOVA (Weeks 6 and 7); 5. Surveys and Qualitative Methods (Weeks 9 and 10) 6. Critical Thinking questions (drawn from any week: ONLY for HPS781 students)
Exam Details Open book (I would have): A reliable setup (computer and internet) A backup plan if possible (i.e., a second computer or location) Weekly modules (Study Guide & Lecture videos) Tutorial content Weekly practice quizzes Textbook/readings (probably not - but you can)?
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