Stated iv ora dos ris gl en fi ient from Example 5.13, an order i5 & Using the patien as 20 mgrkg tid. L ola ke. step 1: The weight has been determined L0 T 1634 mg ep 1: ; . Step 2: Multiply 81.82 by 20 mg, e Sf the day by the number of ' [ milligrams for . Divide the total number o Step 3: Divide t doses for the day: 1634 mg/3 = 544 mg. dose. ive 544 mg of drug per bl s tient should receive 59 d is probably Baserhon htliir'::ellé?; i[:fhiapreceding example weighs 180 Ib. an p (e pa T ' i l) i dosa es '0] a n d l S p inciples appl) Lo Cfllculallng app g an adull. The sam ! ! I ropriate (h"d baSCd on body Welghl m kl]()glallls. PRACTICE PROBLEMS 5.11 Y 1. A dose of 4 mg/kg/day of Plaquenil® can be recommended for certain 2 children suffering from lupus. What would be the appropriate dosage V for a patient weighing 47 kg? 5 b &Ajgé et = 168 2. The daily dose of Omnicef®, in children, is 14 mg/kg, up to a maximum X 8 dose of 600 mg/day. Wh at is ge afimpriate daily dosage for a patient who weighs 98 pounds? ) 3. The recommended dosage of fluconazole is 6 mg/kg on day one, \ followed by 3 mg/kg/day for oropharyngeal candidiasis. What are the G \'5 20 . appropriate dosages for a child weighing 30 kg? WM /%L - | Mg '?é/? - child, weighing 76 pbtints, is prescribed the antibioti€ Cefaclor. It is ' K \ 7L '; recommended for childten (o receive 20 mg/kg/day in divided doses 4 /5 L | X= éfi()% ev? ?)hours. How many mg should the child take per dose? /«['_ e S ] Ve z : \ ] 5. Acute lymphatic leukemia in childre i : n can respond well to methotrexate X= l fi) 7( - ct gwen 25f mg/kg every 14 days by IV. What would be the appropriate osage ol methotrexate {0 administer biweekly ¢ hi iohi oo y to a child weighing ¥ 2549 XK SOyg ' 119 50 PRACTICE PROBLEMS 5,12 = e lll6 Perform the Jollowing pediatyic dosage calculations, 7/6 M\L m LR ine 25 i Yoxu tre;;aifyclme 25 mg/kg in four equal doses €ntis 10 years old ang Wweighs 88 [p, : a. What is (he Patients weighy i, kilograms? l//() b. Wha is the total dosz ge for this p g g L o ¢ How myc}, is each dg 3y
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