Bullying Victims

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Nov 21, 2023
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Bullying Victims: The Effects Last Into College Christelle Romelus Palm Beach State College SYG2000-18: Introduction to sociology Heather Naylor November 13, 2023
Bullying Victims 2 Bullying Victims: The Effects Last Into College 1. What is the title of the article? Who are the authors? What are their titles and what university do they represent? Introduce the topic and the issue being studied. What is the research question being posed by the study? Article Title: "The Lingering Effects of Bullying on College Students" Authors: Frank D. Adams, Ed.D. (Professor, Department of Counseling and Special Education, School of Education and Counseling, Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska) Gloria J. Lawrence, Ph.D. (Professor, Department of Sociology, Psychology, and Criminal Justice, School of Natural & Social Sciences, Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska) This essay delves into the lasting consequences of bullying on individuals, specifically exploring whether these effects persist as students transition to college. The research investigates whether individuals previously subjected to bullying in their earlier education stages continue to exhibit the characteristics or impacts of bullying after entering higher education. Building on earlier studies that highlight the enduring repercussions for both victims and bullies, the authors aim to understand if the negative effects of bullying experienced in junior high and/or high school extend into the college years (Adams & Lawrence, 2011). 2. Based on the question and previous research, what is the study's hypothesis? This is not clearly stated, but rather implied. The study's hypothesis is grounded in a comprehensive examination of existing research and pertinent literature expounded in its corresponding article. It posits that the repercussions of bullying endured during middle and high school may endure into the realm of post-secondary education. The study endeavors to substantiate this conjecture by underscored the deleterious,
Bullying Victims 3 enduring effects of bullying on post-secondary educational experiences. It underscores the imperative of sustaining attention on this matter and advocates for proactive measures to redress the pervasive issue of bullying. The principal objective of the research is to proffer credible and empirical evidence that corroborates the study's hypothesis: instances of violence encountered in early education permeate into the university setting, persisting over an extended temporal horizon. 3. What is the research method being used? Describe in detail the procedure for this study. What is the population? Please describe the sample in detail. Is the analysis quantitative or qualitative? Explain. In this investigation, a quantitative research approach was adopted by the researchers, who administered questionnaires to 269 university students representing diverse academic levels at a government institution in the Midwestern region. The participant cohort comprised 176 females and 93 males, distributed across age brackets: 19-23 (n=240), 24-29 (n=20), and 30+ (n=9) (Adams & Lawrence, 2011). The questionnaire design underwent a meticulous development process, informed by an extensive review of contemporary and pertinent journal articles, reports, and personal interviews with self-identified victims of bullying spanning various age cohorts. Interrogative elements delved into participants' encounters with bullying, its repercussions, and their subjective perceptions and emotional responses to these experiences. In the scrutiny of survey outcomes, the researchers applied both descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, seeking to unravel connections between variables and assess formulated hypotheses. The presentation of data encompassed percentages, means, and significance levels, providing a thorough quantified representation of bullying phenomena spanning from early educational phases to the college environment.
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