Marriage, it's weird. How do people go about marriage? Why are we seeing a sharp decline in marriage? What in our society hurts our fellow citizens, neighbors and members of many communities. Marriage is becoming a thing of the past. Shotgun weddings aren't a popular thing anymore. Why? Because single women are more accepted nowadays. Personally, I have seen independence grow in many people especially women. There are more single mothers now than ever. People are waiting longer to get married and the patriarchy is crashing. Focusing on marriage first, we see a decline in marriage. Why is that? Is it people becoming pickier? More independent? Are the social stigmas and modern society fading? Rick Bank's himself said "rising expectations have led to a decline in marriage." So did we as a society start to settle before? Personally, I'd like to think modern society is a good reason that we aren't getting married so fast. We are more focused on ourselves. We as a society are getting more educated, focusing more on ourselves and realizing that kids, families, and partners can wait. Women are no longer just child bearers, they can also bring home the money. On the other hand, Cohen does state that "change in young people's attitudes toward marriage and family—and especially a growing devotion to self-interest—really behind the decline in marriage?" (Cohen, 2019) I believe that the decline in marriage is the awareness of ourselves more. We have drifted from a modern society and it is quite refreshing. It is empowering for many. Marriage is seen as a setback to some and it is acceptable to not marry at all or not want to marry at all because it is becoming more modern in our society now. Moving onto the topic of the LGBTQ+ community, our society has become less patriarchal.
That, in my opinion, is a good thing. It means we are moving from a traditional society to a more modern one. Before, anyone who violated the norm, whether it be with gender identity or sexual orientation, it was seen as a "society with a deeply patriarchal system, which rejects anything that threatens the male-female order." as said by Jenni Chang and Liza Dazols. This threat shows why and how many people can be stubborn to accept newness. With this new generation, we see a huge difference in "patriarchal power has been declining ever since." (Cohen, 2019). This shows that people are being more accepted into our society and integrated in as themselves. Society can progress but it has taken far too long. All over the world, the structures and cultures impact views and ideas. Cultures have such a huge impact on views and how one grows up. There are many people who divert from the norms and follow their own path but they are met with judgement by many and acceptance by some as well. So marriage and sexual orientation are very different nowadays compared to the past. We see different patterns in marriage rates, marriage age and families as well as different societal standards and structures for those that don't identify with that traditional structure. Marriage rates are declining as well as patriarchal standards.
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