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Jorden Martin a. Was the experience of the planned change process different from what you expected? If so, how was it different? b. What were the most difficult aspects, and the most satisfying aspects, of implementing the planned change process with your client? Explain your thoughts. c. What did you learn about yourself and your client using the planned change process? How will you apply what you learned in your future social work practice? d. How do you think the planned change process enables you to be a more effective social worker? How does it detract from your abilities to be a more effective social worker? e. What questions or concerns do you have as a result of your experience and critique of the planned change process? I can say it was a little different from what I expected. I say this because I think I expected it to be a lot harder and I'm glad that it wasn't as difficult as I imagined. One aspect of the assignment that I thought was difficult was understanding some of the questions. I do feel like being able to see your five helped a lot when it came to answering a lot of the questions and really seeing what you meant by them. During this assignment, I learned that this client has had a very rocky past and just wants a little support maintaining her present and future. I wouldn't say that I learned much about myself during this project. I also learned that it is possible to regain custody of your children after dealing with the system for more than six years. I will apply the knowledge that I learned during this assignment to look back on and use certain aspects such as resources to help in future cases. I think that the planned change process enables me to be a more effective social worker by allowing me to see each step of the process of social work laid out and worked through. I do not personally believe that ikt detrfacts from my ability to be a effective social worker. I feel like this was a great and fun project. I do not have any questions as a result of my experience.
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