Week 4 Weekly Assignment

Rosemary Gonzalez TSL 3080 Week 4: Weekly Assignment I define advocacy as necessities and standing up for each person's own rights. As a director I see myself as an advocacy because I am the main person in my center, and I am the one that stand up for anything that happens. I see myself as advocacy because I get to speak to families and talk about what they teacher may be seeing in their child, help parents with anything that can make their child learn more, help families apply for programs that can help them financially for daycare, and guide families with school programs. But the most important thing about advocating as a teacher is working with Els students and having them feel valued, important, and that they can count on us to be able to help them with their English learning. I believe every educator should be able to advocate for Els children regardless, their culture, or religious. Every Els student should be welcomed to every classroom and helped as every other child is being helped. As of myself I would do my very best to attend all children and every child in my classroom should be able to feel welcomed and as if I can be their help for everything and anything. I will always be able to help and to communicate with families to help them even when they aren't in my classroom because I want every child to learn, grow, and feel comfortable learning with me. Shared responsibility to educate Els means to me, having the full support from the institution where I would to be able to help other. All teachers should be able to have something that helps them reach their goals with each student or with the class. But the school should also have a set goal for each classroom to help reach the goal of each Els student. Having the help from the institution you work from makes it easier for you to provide the teaching you have for all students equally.
Rosemary Gonzalez TSL 3080 Teacher reflection is very important because it helps to look back and see what could've been done better or what helped. Also, it helps to get through all Els students equally and reach the goal of each student and the needs of each student. Teacher reflection is a great way of reflection and allowing teachers to find solutions to methods on becoming better educators. But it gives teachers the opportunity to have different opportunities for lessons, exams, classroom environment and even find a different way of interacting with families to help students at home.
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