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SWK 550
Oct 27, 2023
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RATIONALE Competency 3: Students will Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice in Advanced Clinical Practice. Through advanced practice, clinical specialization graduates will have demonstrated the exploration of injustice and oppression within the social environment at local and global levels. Graduates will have demonstrated a deep understanding of social policies at local, state, and federal levels that impact well-being, service delivery and access to social services. Graduates will have demonstrated the critical analysis of policies with regard to advancement of human rights and social, economic and environmental justice and the impact of Christian influences on social welfare. Social workers also: 1. Analyze issues of social, economic, and environmental justice as they relate to clinical practice 2. Advocate for and with clients as they encounter injustice 3. Create a context for client engagement that advances human rights 4. Appraise marginalization and oppression within a particular clinical context Student evidence of competency: SWK-669 / Latino Coalition Sexual Assault Forum Agenda and letter Brief description of activity / evidence: The evidence I provided was the agenda outlining activities regarding the Latino Sexual Assault forum discussion. There were also keynote speakers at the forum. Directions: Provide a two- to three -paragraph response to each of the questions below. Your responses below should be well written and formulated with no grammatical errors. Each response should demonstrate your thorough justification for why the evidence submitted is valid in showing your competency in this area and clearly demonstrate your application of knowledge, skills, values and learning. 1. How does the piece of evidence clearly align to the identified competency? The purpose of the Latino sexual assault forum was to discuss barriers that Latino victims of sexual assault encounter. This forum also discussed resources that will help these victims and strategies to develop for victims of this crime. This piece of evidence is connected to advocating for and with clients as they encounter injustice. Latino victims blame themselves for their sexual assault, and it is hard for them to express it (Fontes, 2007). From this, they are usually discriminated against because of their tradition, culture, position in society, religious beliefs, and national origin. This is a social issue at all levels because these victims tend to lack social status, education, and self-awareness. Being a Latino victim of sexual assault and not receiving support is a social issue that we as a society can help end. Attending
this forum helped me to find ways to eliminate sexual violence within the community, especially for the Latino population. I was able to write down key points and suggestions that were provided by our forum panelists and other keynote speakers. 2. Describe how your piece of evidence incorporates theory or essential social work knowledge, values, and skills for integrated practice. According to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics (2015), social workers are taught to be culturally competent and aware of social issues that affect clients we service. You have to be culturally sensitive when working with the Latino community, especially those who have been sexually assaulted. From attending the forum, I learned methods to use when working with Latino victims: A void stereotyping and obtain cultural information Be warm while maintaining boundaries Establish a fair policy on working with people who are not documented Call on interpreters when necessary Accept and be familiar with the culture Look for signs of other trauma including the sexual trauma Convey hope Utilize bilingual cultural appropriate services These concepts are helpful as they provide support, encouragement, help victims not to be re-victimized. My goal is to use these concepts should I ever encounter a Latino victim or any victim that I am not culturally familiar with. The goal is to provide intervention and to eliminate future abuse. 3. Describe how the piece of evidence illustrates the depth and significance of your growth in each of the following areas: character, scholarship, and leadership. Character: I am growing as an advocate for this community. I have attended a few Latino conferences that discuss this extremely diverse group and the barriers they face. My goal is to continue to network with other service providers and make them aware of the cultural issues this population is facing, and how they are being victimized by their own culture. I am proud to be part of a team who wants to support a vulnerable population and work with others to increase the efforts to help victims of sexual assault within the Latino community. Scholarship: From attending this forum, I was able to learn about the "Esperanza" (Hope) program that is provided by the Latino Coalition. This program provides direct services for victims of sexual assault. The program also organizes meetings, workshops, conferences for service providers so that they can spread the word on how to work collaboratively to reduce the trend of sexual assault amongst the Latino community. This was a learning experience for me that I plan on sharing with others and clients.
Leadership: In my meeting with Clara, she discussed the Latino Coalition Sexual Assault Forum and asked if I wanted to attend. She indicated that it was not mandatory as I could see my clients. I told Clara that I wanted to attend because the more knowledge that I obtain from learning about this community, the more resourceful I will be as I work with this population. As I mentioned before, this population is a growing community. There are about 6% residing in Indiana and 10 % of Latino children in our school systems K-12 (Latino Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, n.d.). I want to be an advocate for them and other oppressed cultures. References: Fontes, L.A. (2007). Sin verguenza: Addressing shame with Latino victims of child sexual abuse and their families. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 16 , 61- 82. Latino Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (nd). Retrieved from National Association of Social Workers. (2015). Code of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers . Washington, DC: NASW Press. Retrieved from
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