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Oct 25, 2023
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Module One Question 1 Do you have any healthy habits? What role have culture and environment played in the healthy or unhealthy habits that you have formed? I don't feel like I have any healthy habits. Between being a full-time student, full-time employee, a husband, and a father to a 13-month-old, I tend to get home from work and sit on the couch and just relax. I guess the culture of tv, and cell phones have made it the normal thing to do and that contributes to my unhealthy habits. Module One Question 2 Choose a society from the map. Within that society, characterize one of the social science principles we identified in this learning block. As a reminder, the social science principles we focus on in this course are: social roles, social institutions, social norms, and beliefs and values. For example, what is a social role that exists in Okinawa? Who occupies this role? Social roles that exist in Okinawa are that women are held to a much higher standard. They are respected and considered the spiritual leaders of their families. They will often organize gatherings and events for their families and communities. The community there is clannish since they are so close together. Module One Question 3 Provide an example of the environment influencing the population in an area of increased longevity. Then provide an example of the population in that area influencing its environment. Since the water in the Nicoya Peninsula is filtered through limestone, it infuses the water, fruits, and vegetables with lots of minerals. With the food being enriched with vitamins and minerals it provides the residents with all the nutrition they need. Since the nutrition is so high the people do not overeat and are leaner and healthier. Module One Question 4 Think about factors affecting your lifestyle in comparison to the areas of increased longevity. Characterize two social science principles in your day-to-day life. Use the two principles that you did not describe in response to the earlier question. For example, you could describe some social norms in your day-to-day life.
A factor affecting my lifestyle is the necessary driving. I live in a big city and work in a smaller town. In the morning I leave 2 hrs before my shift so I can take my daughter across town to her grandmas and then drive the 40 minutes to work. Then after work I drive the 40 minutes to pick her up and over a hour home because of rush hour traffic. Module One Question 5 From a social science perspective, what are three factors that shape your day-to-day life? For example, you could describe some factors that influence your social interactions, your access to certain foods, your day-to-day activities, the pace of life in your area, etc. I don't have the time or energy for physical activity. Unhealthy foods are much cheaper than healthy options, while we try and make sure my daughter eats very healthy it can get expensive to feed all 3 of us that way when a frozen pizza is much cheaper. Module One Question 6 Identify two social science issues related to war. Money and power are the root of all evil, funny that is the root of war as well. Religious persecution is the topic of many wars. Module One Question 7 Identify two social science issues related to education. In order to make more money and be successful you need to graduate college. People in the education field tend to be more liberal then conservative. Module One Question 8 Recall: what are the five social institutions that we are examining in this course?
Family, Religion, Government, Economy, and Education Module One Question 9 Identify the social institutions discussed in this reading about India. Education, religion, family, and government are the social institutions discussed in the reading. Module One Question 10 Choose one of the five social institutions. Describe some of the factors that have influenced this social institution in India. Religion has the biggest influence in India. The native people had their own beliefs. However, there is a big influence that occurred once the Europeans came and colonized. Module One Question 11 Use the reading about social institutions in India to identify two social science issues that could be researched further. The Caste system affects how many children can attend good schools. The poverty in India affects the healthcare options available to people. Module One Question 12 Describe two social norms in Dubai noted in the reading and explain how these social norms may differ from those of the culture that you grew up in. In the US couples tend to so their affection to one another in public. But in Dubai this is done very minimal. In the US fashion plays a huge role in the lives of many. But in Dubai everyone dresses
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